Here are two screenshots of Mont Blanc from the south.

Shot 3A. Source: Google Earth. The separate top of Mont Blanc de Courmayeur can be seen, so can the ridges that run south west and south east from this top. On the south east ridge, note the Aiguille Blanche de Peuterey, and below it, the Aiguille Noire de Peuterey. At the bottom right is Mont Rouge de Peuterey. Background right: Grandes Jorasses.

Shot 3B. Source: Microsoft Virtual Earth. There is better resolution imagery, but the mountain takes on a much more dome like shape. There is no separate Mont Blanc de Courmayeur, and the south west ridge hardly shows. On the south east ridge the Aiguille Blanche de Peuterey shows up quite well, although the terrain is displaced. The Aiguille Noire de Peuterey, despite its 343 metre topographic prominence, does not show up at all.