Here are two FS2004 shots of Lochmill, Fife, Scotland.

Both shots were taken using FSGenesis EUR76 mesh. The source data is entirely from 3" SRTM data, which is complete in this area. The relief is not 100% accurate, and more accurate source data may improve it slightly, but it is adequate. I have no more accurate data for this area and I have no plans at present to develop such data. Maybe NASA will eventually release its 1" SRTM data.

The main difference is that the second image has been enhanced by Ultimate Terrain Europe, which has added (a) a correctly placed lake, (b) a correctly placed road in the foreground, and (c) a sort-of correctly placed track on the left. Neither image adequately shows the local vegetation; the trees are smaller but more numerous. My house lies between the foreground road and the lake, but neither image shows it.

The solution would be to replace the landclass imagery with high resolution satellite imagery. I have to hand this to Microsoft Virtual Earth:

Neither Google Earth nor NASA World Wind cover this area with imagery better than 15m resolution. I hope this is not because the imagery is owned by a party which has struck an exclusive deal with Microsoft.

VE high resolution imagery still does not cover the majority of the Scottish Highlands, but it goes further than Google Earth.