Welcome to the complete table of the Top 100 World summits ranked by re-ascent. It is in Excel format.

The table is supplied by Eberhard Jurgalski with assistance from David Metzler, Parys Lisiecki, Aaron Maizlish and Jonathan de Ferranti.

All the 1500+ World summits mutually separated by re-ascent of 1500m or more can be found on the peaklist site. There may be some small differences with these. For USA and Mexico summits, the peaklist site tables use clean (i.e. minimum) prominence. Elsewhere, interpolative prominence is used. Where there are other differences between the peaklist site tables and the World100 table, the World100 table, which is based on more recently researched information, is more likely to be accurate.

OD (Orographic Dominance), EU (Elevation Units) and AC (Altitude Classes) are part of a new separation system called "Elevation Equality" by EJ. More information about these will be posted soon. A detailed explanation of these (in German) can be downloaded here

Further notes will be uploaded soon.

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Update 17 May 2007: Based on highest local 1" SRTM cell information supplied directly to us by NASA, slight changes have been made to the heights of Colon/Bolivar, Ojos del Salado, Mercedario and Gunung Tata Mailau. Based on the same information, we reaffirm the heights we give for Chimborazo, Tajumulco, Ras Dejen, Mount Cameroon, and Mount Finisterre; all these are lower than heights that are often published by other sources.

Update 22 March 2008: tweaked Ras Dejen and Lautaro per new information.