Although I create lists of mountains, I leave the creation of lists of those who climb them to others. So what follows are mostly external links.

  • Information about and ascents to 8000 metre summits in the Himalaya
  • Computer generated Everest summit panoramas: North South External link to 360 photo-panorama
  • Information about climbing, and those who have climbed, to the highest points of the world's seven continents.

  • Lists of mountains ranked by relative height
  • Lists of relative height Front Runners

  • Munro. Ascents of the 283 separate 3000ft+ mountains of Scotland have been completed by more than 4,000 climbers. Click here for a complete list. In 1990 I became the 786th to complete the Munros, although at the time there were 277 Munros listed and I have still not climbed all the new ones.
  • Marilyn. There are 1,554 hills in Great Britain with a relative height of at least 150 metres. Click here (page 21) for a list of 255 climbers who have climbed more than 600 (2012 data). I have climbed 628 Marilyns (last counted on 8 June 2013 with the aid of 10 of these are in Wales, 27 are in England, and 591 are in Scotland. I have also climbed 83 of the 120 summits in Britain/Ireland with a relative height of at least 600 metres. 2 of these are in Wales, 2 are in England, 6 are in Ireland and 73 are in Scotland.

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