New 1" Digital Elevation Data for Northern Europe were added on 26 May 2014.

For territories of Norway, Finland and Denmark, these data were derived from 10 metre datasets released by national surveys. They should be a considerable improvement on the 3" DEM data on this site. Territory of Sweden within about 50 km of the border with Norway was provided with the Norway dataset, and should threfore also show noticeable improvements. Unfortunately Sweden has not released its national elevation dataset, so for most of Sweden, despite the improved nominal resolution, users are unlikely to notice much significant improvement. The same applies to areas of Russia, Poland and Germany.

Covered areas of Russia, Germany and most of Sweden are derived from contours extracted from 1:100000 Russian topographic maps. A band in Sweden between 60�00' and 60�20' is resampled 3" SRTM data, so are covered areas in Poland and the Baltic states. Areas derived from Russian maps that are north of 60� have been processed by sophisticated algorithms that should eliminate terracing, but terracing is likely to be visible in areas further south, and may also be visible along source dataset boundaries.

1" DEM data for the Alps, Tatra and central Spain have not been updated on this occasion, but improvements to these areas, especially the Alps, are coming soon.

It is my intention to add to the areas covered, and address the above mentioned issues.

Jonathan de Ferranti
Scotland, May 2014

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