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Zugspitze, Germany/Austria, seen from Olympic Tower, Munich. Distances in kilometres.
Source Photo credit: Thomas May. DEM source: Alps 1"

Olympic Tower, Munich, to Grossglockner, Austria. Distances in kilometers. Photo credit: Thomas May. Data Source: Alps 1". See also a discussion document about the effect of atmospheric refraction on this view.

More images from Olympic Tower:

  • Säntis. This view is theoretically impossible under normal atmosperic conditions, but an extreme atmospheric effect of temperature inversion means that something shows up, which on comparison with an aerial view from a higher elevation, is assumed to include Säntis.
  • Grünten. The image shows a time sequence of photographs of the changing effects of refraction.
  • East. A panorama looking east. Some local cityscape features are included.
  • NEW January 2009 A complete panorama to the Alps. Some local cityscape features are included.