Here are some links to individuals and sites that have contributed to, acknowledged use of, or discussed products on this site.

Computer Hardware Megatronics

Maps Omni Resources (USA), The Map Shop (UK) and innumerable map makers and publishers.

Digital Elevation Data Canada Mexico Vterrain Imagico

Flight Simulation see below

Topographic Prominence
Eberhard Jurgalski, Germany, also ascent and several other information sources
Aaron Maizlish, San Francisco, website
Petter Bjorstad, Bergen, Norway mountain website including many photo-panoramas
Xavier Eguskitza, Bilbao, also ascent, Iberian topography, lines of sight, maps and other publications
Mark Trengove, Wales
Piotr Mielus, Poland
Vasja Kavcic, Slovenia
Andy Martin, Tucson, AZ, front runners lists
Edward Earl, San Diego, CA, Winprom prominence program
Adam Helman, San Diego, CA, COHP site and book
Alan Dawson, Scotland, "Marilyns"
Clem Clements, Surrey, England
Dave Hewitt, Stirling, Scotland, TACit Press

See also: Geoportal services provided by national mapping agencies

Other Topographic matters
John Biggar, Scotland Andes website
David Metzler, Albuquerque, NM Spire measure and ruggedness
Grant Hutchison, Dundee, Scotland, national high points
Rafal Jonca, Poland, satellite and other topographic images and sites
Janne Corax, Sweden, peak and pass heights
Jordi Pons, Barcelona, road pass heights
Arian Smit, Seattle, High Asian peak heights and coordinates
John Samson, Loughborough, England, photographs
Gerry Roach and Larry Chapman, Denali photograph
Christoph Hormann, DEM data review


Holger Sandmann's screenshot comparisons
Here are some comparisons of flight simulator screenshots made from the DEM data on my DEM page, with screenshots made from data from other sources.
Alps Himalayas. Note that the shots from FSG meshes were created before the FSG updates (see below).
These comparisons have been collected into a zipped folder.

FSGenesis meshes
Alps Europe Scandinavia Himalayas Andes Russia Pacific Islands
Almost all the data downloadable from my DEM page has been incorporated into the above products
FSG Portal

Holger Sandmann's meshes
Complete list of freeware downloadable from AVSIM
Eastern Alps
Western Alps
Alps Updates
High Asia
Vol1 LOD10 N26°-29° E85°-92° Mt. Everest and Kula Kangri areas
Vol2 Everest Area Photoreal
Vol3 LOD10 N29°-31° E94°-96° Namcha Barwa area
Vol4 LOD10 N28°-30° E83°-85° Annapurna area
Vol5 LOD10 N30°-32° E78°-81° Garhwal area
Vol6 LOD10 N31°-36° E76°-78° Jammu and Kashmir areas
Vol7 LOD10 N35°-37° E73°-77° Karakoram area
Vol8 LOD10 N36°-39° E71°-74° Tirich Mir and Pamir areas
Base1 LOD9 N26°-32° E90°-98° South-Eastern Himalayan Ranges
Base2 LOD9 N26°-32° E82°-90° South-Central Himalayan Ranges
Base3 LOD9 N28°-37° E78°-82° South-Western Himalayan Ranges
Base4 LOD9 N30°-39° E76°-78° Kashmir and Jammu Ranges
Base5 LOD9 N32°-40° E70°-76° Hindu Kush and Pamir Ranges

Raimondo Taburet's meshes Downloads

Mesh France Available here. The mesh data is mostly from IGN but there is some border area input from this site, see foot of manual.

Ultimate Terrain Europe, and Faeroe Islands mesh: see FS2004 reviews page.

Forums AVSIM FlyII Simradar Francesim(in French) Libertysim(in French) Labvirtual(Bolivia, in Spanish)

Holger Sandmann, BC, Canada
Justin Tyme, FSGenesis, PA
Arnaud Clère, France
Laurent Dupouey, France VFR
Raimondo Taburet, London
Camilo Eid Jordan, Inventic, La Paz, Bolivia
Allen Kriesman (Ultimate Terrain Europe)
Peter Henrik Poulsen and Ryan Andersen, Denmark/Faeroes (Faeroes mesh)