Welcome to the complete table of summits in the Alps separated by 590 metres of re-ascent.

The table is the work of Eberhard Jurgalski. It is in Excel format. Columns include detailed saddle information and prominence parentage. OD (Orographic Dominance), EU (Elevation Units) and AC (Altitude Classes) are part of a new separation system called "Elevation Equality" by EJ. More information about these will be posted soon.

Early prominence finding contributors: Richard Goedeke, Vasja Kavcic, Christian Thöni, Mark Trengove and Gerhard Wiedemann. The computer lists from Jonathan de Ferranti were essential and also Edward Earl’s winprom program was very helpful.

The contents of this table are copyright ©2004-2005 by Eberhard Jurgalski, and may not be reprinted without express written consent.

Last revision: 12 December 2008.

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