Panoramas Downloadable computer drawn panoramas from viewpoints. More than 200 panoramas from selected viewpoints can be downloaded from here. Last update 24 December 2011 with addition of new summits in far north of Scotland.
See also a gallery of samples alongside photographs from the same viewpoints. Last update 14 September 2011 with views of Everest, K2, High Andes and Alps

Digital Elevation Models At last! There is now free and global coverage at 3 arc seconds, with no serious voids or artifacts. 30 January 2017: New 1" data for Pyrenees and Cantabria. New 1" data for Alps expected this week.

Relative Height Lists Lists of mountain summits ranked by relative height. Last update 23 December 2012 with mountain lists for Central America, the Caribbean, Egypt and the Philippines, including CSV and KMZ files.

Ascent Lists Links to information about people who climb mountains. Overhauled 17 December 2012.

Digital Raster mapping and Gazeteers

Technical Information Technical Information about panoramas.

Topography Project to complete NASA's worldwide 3" digital elevation model. Last update 23 November 2012.

Wrong Elevations A list of mountains whose elevations or lines of sight are frequently wrongly given by internet and other sources. Last update: 28 June 2014 with new information about the highest points of Iran, Nicaragua, Ethiopia and Liberia.

High Road Passes Where is the world's highest motorable road pass? A discussion. Last update 27 July 2011.

Reviews Some comments about earth viewing services and data sources. Last update 27 May 2015 with some comments about recently released SRTM 1" data.

Earth Screenshot Comparisons

List of National Map Viewing sites

Links and Acknowledgements

Terms of Use. Unless otherwise specified, images and data downloaded from this site may be reproduced for research and private use. Links to sources are preferred to the uploading of reproductions, but if that is not possible due to the need to change the size or format, then either an acknowledgement with a link to the appropriate source page, or my written permission, is demanded. Limited commercial use is OK, but anyone contemplating large scale reproduction should contact me. Specifically, the authorised use of the DEM data on this site for use in meshes uploaded or distributed for use in flight simulators is welcome, but this use of these data by anyone who neither (i) obtains my written permission nor (ii) properly credits me or my site, is not welcome and may be restrained.

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